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Kitchen Kettles, Hob kettles & Electric kettle all with the design-conscious edge 

Alessi Pito Kettle designed by Frank Gehry. At first this object looks more like a sculpture than a kettle - an unusual Hob Kettle that combines a stainless steel body with a mahogany wood handle and melodic stopper. 

£ 300.00

This 1985 original design Alessi Kettle with Bird continues to go from strength to strength. Michael Graves' easy to recognise formal style has an incredible ability to tune into public taste, even that of the man on the street: he is not a lover of theory, but he once admitted his wish to help create an 'American Style'. Available in a choice of three...

£ 99.95

9091 CLASSIC ALESSI KETTLE - DESIGNED BY RICHARD SAPPER in 1982 This Alessi Classic Kettle is undoubtedly The 'Designer Kettle'. It was designed by Richard Sapper in 1982. The Majestic Kettle with singing whistle was inspired by the steamers and barges that ply the Rhine. This water kettle is characterized by the brass whistle which houses two pitch-pipes...

£ 173.00
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