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Rodolfo Dordoni, an Italian born architect whose work ranges across art direction, furnishing and lighting design, exhibitions, renovations, showroom and point of sale displays. We feature some of his lighting designs for FLOS & Foscarini - the most notable piece being Lumiere, a classic of Italian design

Foscarini New Buds Suspension Lights - Contemporary Murano Glass Lighting

£ 416.00

Foscarini Lumiere Grande & Lumiere Piccola table Lamps are definitely a modern design classic.  A remarkably simple and understated lamp that even when coloured on the outside, gives a beautiful white light due to the glass shade being 'white lined' a clever process that is truly appreciated 'in the flesh'.

£ 422.00

POCHETTE Wall Light - designed by Rodolfo Dordoni Pochette is a wall light with sinuous lines and brilliant surfaces that alter our visual perception of the object itself, making the luminous source a pleasant surprise.  Two models available which are suitable for contract and domestic applications

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