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Alessi Toilet Brush Merdolino is the french term for 'Pooh Mover' (polite version). A cunning disguise for an unfortunate object! Stefano Giovannoni took Alessi at their word when they first commissioned him to design for them - they needed a range that was contemporary and fun! The result was this slender vase sprouting a long tender shrub. Who would...

£ 35.00

BIG LOVE - Ice Cream Bowl & Spoon Set by Alessi designer Miriam Mirri is a large ice cream dish for lovers complete with a special double heart shaped spoon - so you can share your passion for ice-cream with your loved one! The idea being that you eat off one side of the spoon & your other half - eats off the other half!!!

£ 29.95

Alessi Pots and Pans Range of Cookware designed by Jasper Morrison for the A di Alessi range of affordable design - offers superb performance and excellent value for money

The Alessi Parrot Sommelier CorkscrewCap Bottle opener & pull corkscrew bottle opener Functional & Fun Alessi design

£ 29.95

The Alessi Anna G corkscrew has been fantastically successful since her launch in 1994. It is rumored that she was modeled on Alessandro Mendini's girlfriend at the time! Choice of colours

£ 29.95
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