List of products by supplier: SCHILTE - Steven Schilte

Steven Schilte, born in Netherlands 1962 the designer himself took the Equipment for his creative career at the renowned Design Academy in Eindhoven. Then he worked as a product designer at prestigious locations like Jan de Bouvrie before he starts his own business in 2005. With its convincing designs Steven Schilte is represented in many well-known companies. The range is from Ikea about Franke to Sony and Bonacina. Democratic design interests him as well as technical refinements. Since 2012, the Dutch also works for KFF. And already with the first draft, the D-Light, he sets an example.


"I have a Faible for extraordinary design solutions," says the Award-winning creative. "With the upholstered chair for KFF I wanted to create a piece of furniture, delivers what it promises.“And in fact, the plush upholstery with the prominent wrinkles ensures optimum comfort - for hours! The gracile underframe of D-Light guarantees the practical, low weight.


At just under 10 kilos, the furniture is easy to move, and so the ideal choice at the dinner table. In addition, it has a very emotional touch with its cuddly padding. An important point - all the furniture from the Lemgoer design forge characterized by a sensual touch.

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