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Desk Lamps & Task Lighting

Desk Lamps & Task Lighting

The product references an archetypal personal desk lamp for home or office use, and seeks to offer a fresh interpretation of the familiar on a domestic scale.  The intention was to create a simple form with a clear distinction between a base, a single arm and a lamp head. The lamp has no visible joints and minimal directional movement, without...

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Luceplan Forte Braccio - Strong Arm - Task Light - using a unique central joint, between the two articulated arms have a vertical axis of rotation, so that the outer arm can rotate on two planes, both horizontally & vertically. As a result, the lamp can be turned into unusual positions, striking formal poses that offer a whole new range of applications.

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The Fortebraccio Task Lights guarantees an extraordinary fluidity of movement and total light positioning freedom. Thanks to its innovative central joint, the lamp’s two arms rotate independently, horizontally and vertically, allowing it to take on extreme and functional positions. 

Berenice Task Light, Designed by Alberto Meda & Paolo Rizzatto for Luceplan Having a lightweight structure means that the articulation and stability of the Berenice Task Light is both smooth & solid, while the silhouette is elegant. Available with body in a choice of Black or Silver & Diffuser Shades in a choice of colours

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The Constanza Table lamp uses a sensorial dimmer rod-switch close to the light, which only has to be lightly touched to adjust its on-off or dim intensity through four levels of brightness. The light has a washable plastic shade, available in a choice of colours. Its unmistakable, subtle but structurally solid profile fits naturally into any interior.

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