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You want it to be traditional, but feel modern; to be graceful and feel inviting. Choose the furniture that best suits your needs. 






Florinda 3 Suspension Light Florinda 3 is a stunning light - mid size in the Florinda family - idea over a table, worktop, as a central ceiling light in a high vaulted room. Can have a very contemporary look in bright bold colours, or more traditional look with heritage colours. The Plisse ribboned finish adds a nice textured detail

STRING Pocket Shelfstring® pocket is a complete shelving package with two panels and three shelves. you can choose among a range of colours and materials. new this year is oak with white panels as well as black stained ash. string® pocket can be combined in a host of ways. with one packet you get one complete shelf, with two packets you can build up...

£ 109.00

Birdie Table Light designed by Ludovica and Roberto Paloma part of growing family of lights : Here we feature the tall table light - great bedside or console table light. The slender form is particularly good small rooms - a pleasant change from all the oversized designs with huge shades of recent years that can make spaces seem cramped.

£ 364.00

Designed by PHILIPPE STARCK in 1988 The ARA Lamp actually pre-dates the juicy salif lemon squeezer (just), and has distinct stylistic similarities. The polished finish, the conical horn shapes, the elegant pointiness that creates a balanced object, both physically and aesthetically. A beautiful Table or Desk lamp manufactured by Italian Lighting company FLOS

£ 475.56

SPUN LIGHT - Designed by Sebastian Wrong for FLOS The essence of the Spun Light is simplicity. Modern manufacturing technology embracing elegance and craftsmanship. Fabricated in aluminium & made to high specification. The range is inspired by dynamic fluid aesthetics. The lights are bold and sleek using colour and form to create a contemporary...

£ 546.67

Bedside Gun - Beretta Pistol Hand Gun Lamp Gold plated lamp designed by Philippe Starck for the Guns Range from FLOS

£ 1,019.00
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