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BIG LOVE - Ice Cream Bowl & Spoon Set by Alessi designer Miriam Mirri is a large ice cream dish for lovers complete with a special double heart shaped spoon - so you can share your passion for ice-cream with your loved one! The idea being that you eat off one side of the spoon & your other half - eats off the other half!!!

£ 29.95

Another Richard Sapper designed icon. The Alessi 9090 Espresso was awarded the highest design medal Compass D'oro in 1979 and is on permanent display in the Museum of Modern Art in New York!

£ 122.00

Alessi Pots and Pans Range of Cookware designed by Jasper Morrison for the A di Alessi range of affordable design - offers superb performance and excellent value for money

The Alessi Parrot Sommelier CorkscrewCap Bottle opener & pull corkscrew bottle opener Functional & Fun Alessi design

£ 29.95

This 1985 original design Alessi Kettle with Bird continues to go from strength to strength. Michael Graves' easy to recognise formal style has an incredible ability to tune into public taste, even that of the man on the street: he is not a lover of theory, but he once admitted his wish to help create an 'American Style'. Available in a choice of three...

£ 99.95

Il Caffe/Te Alessi 8 Mocha Coffee Spoons Gift Set Eight tiny coffee Spoons designed by eight of the participants in the Tea & Coffee Towers project. A great opportunity to take home an overview of the best of contemporary architecture: Great gift for a coffee loving Architect 

£ 39.95

Alessi Kalisto containers designed by Clare Brass Polished Stainless Steel canisters with a choice of three different decoration: Kalisto 1 : SpottedKalisto 2 : Bee-HiveKalisto 3 : Ribbed Kalisto are most definitely a modern design classic - perfect for stylishly storing of Tea, Coffee & Sugar

£ 72.00

The Alessi Juicy Salif Lemon Squeezer - is without doubt, Philippe Starck's best known design. Once the focus of heated debate and criticism for its supposedly impractical design, it now ranks with the historical greats at the MOMA in New York. .......and celebrated it's 25th birthday in the year 2015.

£ 49.00

9091 CLASSIC ALESSI KETTLE - DESIGNED BY RICHARD SAPPER in 1982 This Alessi Classic Kettle is undoubtedly The 'Designer Kettle'. It was designed by Richard Sapper in 1982. The Majestic Kettle with singing whistle was inspired by the steamers and barges that ply the Rhine. This water kettle is characterized by the brass whistle which houses two pitch-pipes...

£ 173.00

The Magis Bombo Bar Stool has been phenomenally successful - probably because it encompasses everything we love about good design. Comfortable, functional, and very well made with a characterful element of fun which is typical of Giovannoni Designs.

£ 464.40
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