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Born in Innsbrook, Austria in 1917. Ettore Sottsass studied architecture at the Polytechnic of Turin graduating in 1939. In 1945 he worked for the Giuseppe Pagano group of Architects, before setting up his own office 'The Studio' in Milan in 1947, he worked as a design consultant for Olivetti 1958 - 1980. During the 1960's he designed several pieces of Anti-Design Furniture that were manufactured by Poltronova. In the 1970's, he became a member of Global Tools and in 1979, became involved with Studio Alchimia. In 1980, he co-founded Sottsass Associati with Aldo Cibic, Marco Zanini and Matteo Thun. A year later he established the design group' Memphis' a key player producing post-modernist Furniture. Begins work for Alessi in 1972 designing trays and bar sets.He designed their corporate in 1980. and went on to design the very successful 'Nuovo Milano' range of Cutlery in 1987. 

Nuovo Milano is a classic cutlery style - with a modern twist. Designed by Ettore Sottsass in 1987. The handles have rounded chunky forms, and are very well balanced, a distinct sign of their excellent quality, which probably only becomes truly evident when touched and held. Then it's no surprise that this is Alessi's BEST SELLING Range of cutlery. They...

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