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Flos Arco Lamp - The Original Arco Light by Castiglioni

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FLOS Arco Floor Standing Lamp by A & PG Castiglioni

We play a game in our house - it's called spot the 'flos lamp'. When watching films from the 60's and 70's we try to spot FLOS designed products on the film set. I suppose it's a bit like the designer version of looking for Eddie Stobart lorries!!!

The Arco Light is by far the most spotted - very popular with 007 set designers! Regardless of its design icon status, The Arco Floor Lamp perfectly encompasses both form and function. The ultimate designer floor light. The polished Aluminium domed shade, hangs its head like a flower and is beautifully balanced by a heavy marble base. The steel stem is extendable to a maximum span from base to light of 2 metres.

You will require ceiling height of at least 2.5 metres to accommodate the Arco Light - and a little bit more to do it justice!!!

This is the real Flos Arco Light, Not 'inspired by', not a copy or a fake or an imitation. It's the real deal & we here at have been selling them for over 20 years.