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Starck Bedside Gun Lamp by FLOS

Starck Bedside Gun Lamp by FLOS

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Bedside Gun - Beretta Pistol Hand Gun Lamp Gold plated lamp designed by Philippe Starck for the Guns Range from FLOS

Starck is not the first and will not be the last, to express himself through strong controversial symbols. Weapons are a recurring icon and are used to see how far the boundaries of design can be pushed, in pursuit of a healthy disgust.

Smile and bear in mind that neither self-made toy weapons nor table lamps are the cause of wars. Think about the pure gold plating on these fake weapons perhaps, which is just as powerful a symbol of the greed and instinct, not love, that appear to drive life, with ever more devastating effects. (exert C Morozzi)

Body is die cast aluminium with injection moulded polymer overprint and gold plated finish 18K. Base is embellished on top with the words Happiness is a hot gun.... Matte black plasticized paper diffuser, silk screen gold printing inside, with subtle S+arck signature cross decoration.

Flos will donate twenty percent of the gross sales from the Guns Collection to the Freres des Hommes Europe Association, an organization that works the growth of local communities & their social structure in underdeveloped countries for the world.